Thursday, February 27, 2020

Constructivism learning Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Constructivism learning - Research Paper Example Constructivism allows the learners to participate actively in the learning process as they get the opportunity to share what they think of a topic. Unlike in the traditional method of learning where the teacher gives all the information to the students, constructivism allows the students to ask questions and even discuss amongst themselves. They relate what they learn with their experiences and relationships and develop a clear understanding of themselves and what they learn.Discussing with each other also makes it easy to understand what they learn. The mode of learning also provides a platform where the students can ask the teacher questions in case they do not understand a concept. Constructivism also helps students to develop a high self-esteem because the teachers believe in their ability to gain and interpret knowledge. The traditional method of learning only allowed students to believe what the teacher taught them without any question. The students believed that what the teach er taught them was the final word, and they were not allowed to debate about it, regardless of whether they knew it was wrong. Constructivism, however, gives the learners a chance question what they learn and even develop new concepts that suit them. They do this by researching widely in the libraries or on the internet. Constructivism ensures that all the students are treated in a fair manner. It encourages all the students to participate in learning, regardless of whether they are sure about the topic of discussion or not.

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